Christianity as Isis

Thanks to the BBC, I’ve become very fond of three Classicist feminists from the UK: Natalie Haynes, Mary Beard, and Edith Hall. And now, add Catherine Nixey, whose The Darkening Age has just been published. This is from Macmillan’s blurb: “Despite the long-held notion that the early Christians were meek and mild, going to their martyr's deaths singing hymns of love and praise, the truth, as Catherine Nixey reveals, is very different. Far from being meek and mild, they were violent, ruthless and fundamentally intolerant. Unlike the polytheistic world, in which the addition of one new religion made no fundamental difference to the old ones, this new ideology stated not only that it was the way, the truth and the light but that, by extension, every single other way was wrong and had to be destroyed”

A terrific and lively discussion between Nixey and Edith Hall is here, at the BBC History magazine site: