A Real Mother

The proposed ten story high figure for the Cabot Trail, standing with her back to Canada and the parking lot and souvenir shop at her heels, is, to say the least, a divisive behemoth. It has divided the Cape Breton community that stands to get a few jobs from it, and it's dividing the country between people who think it's a Stalinist horror and those who think it's a about time we had a Mount Rushmore/Statue of Liberty of our very own to honour the war dead (as opposed to the war vets whose benefits we appear happy to cut). The NFNM (Never Forgotten National Memorial) group behind it has apparently taken out a trademark on the term "Mother Canada," which tells you quite a bit about them, and the merchandise they will peddle. Nothing honours the war dead like an official Mother Canada © baseball hat. The Globe and Mail, who told us that our current government was the only option last time around, has called this monument to their sentiments "hubristic, ugly and just plain wrong" in this editorial, and, again in same Globe, there's an article on the Vimy Foundation's opposition to it here. There does not appear to be more than one or (perhaps) two people with any background in public art, memorials, or the histories of either art or demagogues who is in favour of it - more reason why it seems an appropriate and potent symbol for the state of our nation on Canada Day 2015.

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