Sunny Ways

Two weeks after the election, and I’ve yet to encounter a soul who is not feeling so profoundly better that “better” scarcely applies; we are citizens again, we have regained our country, and no longer feel abandoned in Mordor.

We know that the new regime will disappoint and dismay us, but we also know that they will not treat us as their enemy. It has been a misery to live for as long as we have in a country run by people who treat us like (a) fools, and (b) shit.

And the socially awkward man in a blue suit, the man with the fabled temper that made his minions tremble, the man who decimated the civil service, who did not believe that government policy should be based on science or fact; he who promoted Yes men who made themselves vanity videos, he who got his own way with the press of this nation time and again in ways that became increasingly embarrassing, he who did much to ruin whatever credibility we may have had outside the country as a people not previously pegged as selfish, venal and stupid—our former leader, what do most of us make of him now? He seems to be no bigger than this: